Agenda Subject:
Resolution No. 5418 (Gaub)
April 30, 2019
Public Works
Resolution No. 5418
Local Agency Agreement Form (Exhibit A)
Vicinity Map
Budget Impact:
Current Budget: $0
Proposed Revision: $0
Revised Budget: $0
Administrative Recommendation:
City Council adopt Resolution No. 5418.
Background Summary:

Resolution No. 5418 authorizes the Mayor to accept and expend federal grant funds to be administered through a Local Agency Agreement with the Washington State Department of Transportation in the amount of $262,700.00 to finance the design, environmental permitting, and construction phases of the Auburn Way S (SR 164) Curve Safety Improvements Poplar Street SE (MP 2.97) Vicinity Project. This grant requires a 10% local funding match. 


This project will upgrade existing light standards to LED luminaries and install additional light standards with LED luminaries, and a "curve ahead" warning sign. Additionally high friction surface treatments will be applied to the westbound lane, install guardrail, and make adjustments to the shoulder radii at the two driveways for the apartment facility.

Reviewed by Council Committees:
Councilmember: Staff: Gaub
Meeting Date: May 6, 2019 Item Number: RES.A