Agenda Subject:
Resolution No. 5421 (Gaub)
April 30, 2019
Public Works
Resolution No. 5421
Exhibits A & B
Staff Report
Vicinity Map
Budget Impact:
Current Budget: $0
Proposed Revision: $0
Revised Budget: $0
Administrative Recommendation:
City Council adopts Resolution No. 5421.
Background Summary:

Pacific Realty Associates, LP has applied to the City for vacation of the right-of-way of a portion of B Street SE, south of 2nd Street SE, described in Exhibit “A” and shown on Exhibit “B”.  The applicant currently owns adjacent parcels #0019000056 and is proposing to incorporate the right-of-way into adjacent property which will clean up the parcel and right-of-way lines.


The application has been reviewed by City staff and utility purveyors who have an interest in this right-of-way.  Through this review City staff has determined that the right of way is no longer necessary to meet the needs of the City and could be vacated.


Resolution No. 5421, if adopted by City Council, sets the date of the public hearing for Vacation No. V3-18 for June 3, 2019.

Reviewed by Council Committees:
Councilmember: Staff: Gaub
Meeting Date: May 6, 2019 Item Number: RES.C